Faculty Details

  • Designation : Assistant Professor
  • Qualification : M.Tech (Electrical)
  • Experience : 6 Years
  • Area Of Interest : Multilevel Converter Drives, Digital Control Systems, Power Quality

Skills and Knowledge

Industry Knowledge
  • Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Electrical Drives
  • Panel layout & Wiring Diagram preparation
  • Electronics, Power Electronics

Tools & Technologies
  • MATLAB Programming & Simulation
  • PSIM, Pspice
  • FEM Analysis
  • Autocad

Interpersonal Skills
  • Teaching & Training
  • Public Speaking
  •  Assertiveness
  • Work Ethic
  • Relationship Management
  • Decision Making, Problem Solving
  • Mentoring & Counselling

Language Skills
  1. English (Read, Write, Speak)
  2. Hindi (Read, Write, Speak)
  3. Gujarati (Read, Write, Speak)

Work Experience

Research & Design Engineer (Electrical)
Himson Textile Engineering India Pvt. Ltd., Surat (2007-2008)

Assistant Professor (Electrical)
Shree Swami Atmanand Saraswati Institute of Technology, Surat (2010-2016)

Assistant Professor (Electrical)
Dr. S. & S. S Ghandhy Government Engineering College, Surat (2016-Till date)

Educational Qualification

B.E. (Electrical)

Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat

First Class, 2007

M.Tech (Power Electronics, Machines & Drives)

Nirma University, 2010

First Class with Distinction, 2010

Courses Taught

Following courses are taught (Lecture & Laboratories) at undergraduate level

Undergraduate (B.E. Electrical, All Branches First Year)
  1. Elements of Electrical Engineering
  2. Basic Electronics
  3. Circuit & Networks
  4. Analog Electronics
  5. Electrical & Electronic Measuring Instruments
  6. Digital Electronics
  7. Control System Engineering
  8. Power Electronics-I
  9. Electrical Power System-I
  10. Design of DC Machines & Transformer
  11. Power Electronics-II
  12. Control of Electric Drives
  13. Industrial Instrumentation
  14. Design of AC Machines
  15. Power System Planning & Design
  16. Testing & Commissioning of Electrical Equipments

Training and Workshop

Sr. No. Date  Training Duration Training Title Under  Institute
1 Dec 27, 2010-Jan 1, 2011 1 week Recent Trends in Electrical Drives ISTE NIRMA, Ahmedabad
2 June 25-19, 2012 1 week MATLAB & Simulink for Electrical Engineers GTU GEC, Surat
3 July 05, 2014 1 Day Linux Operating System IIT Bombay SSASIT, Surat
4 July 7-11, 2014 1 week Renewable Energy Systems TEQIP-II SVNIT, Surat
5 Dec 29 2014-Jan 02, 2015 1 week Implementation of Power Electronics Systems TEQIP-II SVNIT, Surat
6 March 13-16, 2015 4 Days Faculty Development Program for Design Engineering GTU GTU, Ahmedabad
7 June 25-26, 2015 2 weeks Pedagogy and Effective use of ICT in Engineering Education & Academic Governance TEQIP-II & ISTE BVM, V V Nagar
8 Dec 07-11, 2015 1 week IndustrialTraining - Astek Electricals, Surat
9 May 14, 2016 1 Day Quality and Innovation SSASIT SSASIT, Surat
10 June 13-18, 2016 1 week Recent Development and Application in PLC and SCADA SCET, Surat SCET, Surat
11 August 06, 2016 1 Day A Comprehensive approach to Electrical System Design SSASIT SSASIT, Surat
12 November 21-15, 2016 1 week Basics of Process Instrumentation ISTE GEC, Surat
13 June 12-23, 2017 2 weeks Basics of SCADS and DCS PCS-7 ISTE GEC, Surat
14 Jan 01-11, 2018 1 week Recent Technical Innovation & Development in Electrical Engineering DTE GEC, Surat (VC)
15 March 5-9, 2018 1 week Condition Monitoring of Power Transformer DTE IITRAM, Ahmedabad


Member, Admission Committee for Professional Courses Help Center, DGGEC Surat

Member, Account Section

Member, College, Hostel Housekeeping Contract Committee

Member, Departmental Purchase Committee

Coordinator, Computer Peripherals  & Networking (Department)

Member, Electrical Maintenance

Research Projects

Sr. No. Project Title Project Carried out at Funded By
1 Design & Development of Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Stepper Motor and Desing of Bipolar Microstepping Drive for Disc Rotor type Stepper Motor. Electrical Research & Development Association (ERDA), Vadodara
Project Investigator: Dr. S. H. Chetwani
Department of Science & Technology, New Delhi, Government of INDIA (Rs. 25,82,400/-)
2 Calculations of losses in steel bar of concrete pit wall without concrete wall due to magnetic field produce by a heavy generator and reduction of losses Electrical Research & Development Association (ERDA), Vadodara
Alstom, Vadodara
3 FEM Analysis of 220 kV Composite Long Rod Insulator Electrical Research & Development Association (ERDA), Vadodara
Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited
Electroporcelains Division, Bangalore


1 A. B. Patel, et al, "Design & Development of Metal/Wood Cutting Tool by Using Solar Energy: An Approach towards Green Building", Global Research and Development Journal for Engineering, e-ISSN: 2455-5703, Pages: 553 – 556, March 2016.
2 A. B. Patel, et al, "Two Level and Five Level Cascaded H-bridge Inverter Structure with Amplitude Modulation (AM) Technique with Reduction in Total Harmonic Distortion" Vol. 5 - Issue 11 (November - 2015), International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications (IJERA) , ISSN: 2248-9622 ,
3 A. B. Patel, et al, "Reduction in Total Harmonic Distortion using Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter using Amplitude Modulation Technique”, Volume 2, Issue 4, April – 2015, International Journal of Advance Engineering and Research Development, ISSN(O): 2348-4470, ISSN(P): 2348-6406
4 A. B. Patel, et al, “Design & Simulation of Multilevel Inverter Using Amplitude Modulation Technique”, In International Conference on ‘Engineering: Issues, Opportunities and Challenges for Development’ (EIOCD-2015), 11April, 2015, ISBN: 978-81-929339-1-7
5 A. B. Patel, et al, “Modelling, design and control of disc rotor type stepper motor”, In 16th National Power System Conference, 15-17 December ., 2010. Pages: 441-445 
6 A. B. Patel, et al, “Novel Microstepping Technique for Disc Rotor Type Stepper Motor Drive”, In IEEE Proceedings of 9th International Power and Energy Conference, IPEC 2010, Suntec Singapore, 27-29 October, 2010. Pages:968-972 ISSN:1947-1262; ISBN:978-1-4244-7399-1
7 A. B. Patel, et al, “Design & Simulation of Bipolar Microstepping Drive for Disc Rotor Type Permanent Magnet Stepper Motor”, In Proceedings of 4th International Conference on Computer Applications in Electrical Engineering – Recent Advances, CERA’09, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Roorkee, February 19-21, 2010.
8 A. B. Patel, et al, “Micro-stepping Control of Disc Rotor Type Permanent Magnet Stepper Motor”, In Proceedings of International Conference on Advances in energy conversion technologies, ICAECT 2010, 7-10 January. 2010, Pages: 356-360.
9 A. B. Patel, et al, “Design of Two Phase Bipolar Microstepping Drive for Disc Rotor Type Stepper Motor”, In Proceedings of 4th National Conference on Current Trends in Technology, NUCONE 2009, November 25-27, 2009, Section 4, Pages: 25-28, 2009, ISBN 93-80043-50-3

Academic Projects

  1. Design and Development of Multilevel Inverter. Year 2014-15
  2. Implementation of Solar charge controller. Year 2014-15
  3. Design of a Novel Solar Tracking System to Maximize Energy Extraction for PV Power Plants. Year 2014-15
  4. Design and Development of Solar based Wood Cutter. Year 2015-16
  5. Design and Development of Busbar Protection Scheme. Year 2015-16
  6. Design & Development of Solar cum Electric car. Year 2015-16
  7. PLC based Smart Substation. Year 2016-17
  8. Mobile Railway Platform and Automatic Gate Control Using PLC. Year 2017-18
  9. Temperature Control Loop Using PLC-SCADA. Year 2017-18
  10. Data Acquisition System and Fault Protection of Motor with IOT and Android Application. Year 2017-18

Patent Filed


Professional Membership

1. Life Member of Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE), New Delhi

Expert Lectures